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A Few Incentives

Lalita is an emerging luxury accessories brand with a seductive twist and a fierce passion for inspiring women.
We take the classics and make them a little more sexy - from tank tops, to jewelry to martini picks - and we're just getting started. . .

We believe in detail, quality and the importance of sensation. From soft Italian leather to sterling silver tassels,
every component has been curated to feel incredible against the skin.

We need your kickstarter support to bring Lalita to market.
Remember Kickstarter is all or nothing -
If we don't reach our goal, we don't receive any pledges and we can't send you these seductive incentives!
And by the way, this is only a little taste of the wonderful incentives. . .

HerCuff Bracelets

Wrap and double.
Also in Vegan Leather through Kickstarter!

Dog Tag

Bolder Side to She Who Plays

Garter -T

Classic Tank. Seductive Twist
4 Styles + 4 interchangeable straps = 16 style options

Lingerie Accessories

For EveryBody
Wear Day and Night

About Our Campaign

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“We want women everywhere to declare #IownIt!”

Lalita is about owning every aspect of you - from your beautiful curves, to your sensuality, innate sexuality, incredible mind, powerful voice, and unique expression that makes you. . .well, you. It is about owning all of you without asking for permission to express it.

In a society that still shames women for expressing their sexuality, Lalita invites you to be the one that wears it proudly, beautifully, and elegantly. We want women everywhere to declare #IownIt!

Lalita accessories are daily reminders to own and love that feminine strength, beauty, and sensuality that all work together, boardroom to bedroom, seamlessly integrating into every facet of our life.

Support our Kickstarter to bring Lalita to market so that more women can say #IownIt


  • Seductive Incentives!

    New products and twists on classics.

  • Supporting Women

    Portion of our profits dontated to non-profit for survivors of sex-trafficing.

  • Founding Member

    Be one of the originals to bring this to life

  • We can't do this without you!

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With only a soft launch - we've already hit the red carpet and made a film debut!
Imagine what we can do with your support!!!
Christina Moses
Lead of upcoming CW Show containment.
Rocked Lalita HerCuff Anklet on the Red Carpet of Comic Con 2015
Kate Upton
Model and actress wore Sterling Lalita Fringe Earrings in upcoming film, The Layover, directed by William H. Macy.


Few words from women who have already joined the Lalita community -
Support Us to make more women feel good, day and night!

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